About Us

Since 2012, our company has been the official dealer of the Caffitaly System in Ukraine. Every year more and more people, businesses and houses trust us. Capsule coffee market in Ukraine is growing.

We import to Ukraine not only coffee in capsules and coffee makers, but first and foremost ideas behind which the future stands.
The innovative technology of Cafitaly System is unique in the field of capsule coffee: the choice of the best technologies and the use of quality materials, coffee from the best manufacturers – this is a guarantee of product quality, for which we are responsible with our name and the name of the plant with which we work.

Best coffee deserves better communication. Your smile is our main goal. And no matter what it includes, convenient delivery, low price, quality service or just a human attitude. We will do everything so that a cup of morning coffee in your home or office provides you with the least trouble, and most pleasure.