Caffitaly Cuba






Recommended Portions

25-75 мл.


Куба, Сьера-Маэстра

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капсулы Caffitaly

The main highlight of the blend is its composition. Cuban Arabica Criollo grows only in the Sierra Maestra, so this variety can rightfully be considered exclusive. The coffee has a rich chocolate flavor and aroma of fresh cocoa beans with notes of pipe cognac. Criollo coffee beans perfectly withstand dark roasting at a temperature of 245 degrees, which allows their properties to be revealed even more brightly. Cuba is perfect for preparing most coffee drinks: espresso, goes well with whipped cream or milk, as well as frappe, glace. Thanks to its moderate strength, you can enjoy the drink prepared with Caffitaly Cuba capsules all day long.

Each package contains 10 disposable capsules, one serving contains 8 grams of natural freshly ground coffee for making a drink with a volume of 25-75 ml.

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