Caffitaly S06 Nautilus Silver


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1,2 ml

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капсулы Caffitaly

A new look at making coffee

Modern and sophisticated capsule coffee maker Caffitaly S06 Nautilus Red will change your views on the process of making coffee. The graceful thoughtful design and bright red color will make this capsule coffee machine the center of attention both in the kitchen and in the office.

Capsule coffee maker Nautilus has a built-in panarello (a device for beating milk). With it, you can quickly and easily prepare your favorite cappuccino, latte or macchiato.

Making coffee has become easier with capsule coffee makers Caffitaly S06 Nautilus Red.

Modern technology of storing and making coffee

Save yourself the hassle

With the S06 coffee machine and Caffitaly System capsules you can cook:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Hot chocolate

For making coffee, branded capsules Caffitaly System are used.

The technology of packaging coffee in capsules allows you to properly store it, as well as get the maximum flavor and aroma.

A modern way to make Caffitaly branded coffee is very simple and convenient. No need for a coffee grinder, stove, turkey or professional coffee machine.

The unique mechanism of the Caffitaly System

S06 Nautilus Red Features

  • The exclusive Caffitaly System capsules piercing system allows you to make perfect coffee quickly.
  • The function of adjusting the amount of water makes it possible to select the desired volume of portions.
  • Stylish design is perfect for both office and home.
  • The coffee machine is very light and compact, so it can be moved to any place without much effort.
Practical mechanism Caffitaly System
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